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Photo of NLC student IAM-NFFE Member Lydia GallegosIt’s Friday!

That means we’re counting down to the August 9th 6th Fall scholarship deadline with a new series of blog posts. 

Lydia Gallegos, an IT specialist with the U.S. Forest Service/Department of Agriculture and vice president of IAM-National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) Local 2196, isn’t necessarily earning dual degrees at the NLC to make more money or to get a promotion.

“I really believe that the knowledge I’ve gained at the NLC will help me create a better work environment, resolve issues in the workplace and improve communication among employees and management,” says Lydia.

Lydia is now in her final semester and plans to receive her diplomas at this year’s NLC commencement ceremony.

Photo of NLC Student Lydia GallegosA Journey Decades in the Making
Lydia, from Albuquerque, NM, became a union member in 1994, and has held a host of leadership positions, including serving as secretary-treasurer, vice president, president and steward.

Like many students, she didn’t know what she wanted to do when she graduated from high school so she put off college. In fact, it wasn’t until 15 years after receiving her high school diploma that Lydia set out to earn an Associate’s Degree from the University of New Mexico.

Along the way she discovered her life’s passion: protecting workers’ rights through collective bargaining.

With her associate’s degree in hand, Lydia contacted the National Labor College to find out what earning a bachelor’s degree from NLC would entail.

You definitely get support when you attend the National Labor College.

Scholarships for NLC Students
“The faculty wants you to succeed and the Union Plus Scholarship makes the cost of education so much more affordable, especially for single parents. The scholarship helped me with tuition, which kept my degree plans on track.”

Scholarships for the Fall semester are available to help your dreams of completing a degree come true, make sure you apply by August 6th 9th to qualify for federal financial aid and scholarships.

This was part of the Fulfill Your Dreams at NLC series.

Updated 4/23/12