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National Labor College’s Admissions Team is here with five helpful tips to move you through the financial aid process as quickly and easily as possible.

Our priority deadline for financial aid is less than a month away.  Don’t miss out on financial aid – apply to NLC today.

For detailed information, check out the financial aid page at the NLC website, or call us at 888-427-8100.

1. Apply for admissions, financial aid & scholarships early

  • Apply for admission to NLC by December 2.
  • Complete the FAFSA by December 2. Refer to the financial aid page at the NLC website for additional requirements.
  • Applying by the December 2 Priority Deadline allows NLC sufficient time, in most cases, to evaluate your financial aid eligibility prior to the start of the Spring 2014 semester.
  • December 2 is also the deadline to apply for the dozens of scholarships NLC offers to its students.

2. Register early

  • Remember: the earlier you apply to NLC – the earlier you can be registered for the right classes and on your way to earning your degree!

3. Be organized

  • Keep track of important deadlines – like NLC’s December 2 Priority Application and Scholarship Deadline.
  • Be sure to save copies of forms you submit for your own records.

4. Ask questions

  • We are here to help!
  • If you are unsure how to respond to any requested information, feel free to call and ask.

5. Apply for financial aid every year

  • If you’re already receiving financial aid, don’t forget to reapply every year to continue to receive it.
  • If you didn’t qualify one year, apply again! Changes in your financial or family situation, your course load, or other circumstances may qualify you the next time you apply.