This is the community news blog of the National Labor College – George Meany Campus. Here you’ll find stories of alumni successes, profiles of current students and campus news.

The National Labor College (NLC) is the only college in the United States with an exclusive mission to serve the educational needs of the labor movement.  It is an activist institution made up of students, faculty and alumni who together form a learning community based on a common understanding of the world of work and the ecology of the labor movement.  The College respects that its student body is made up of experienced, highly skilled working adults who have multiple commitments to family, job, union and community.  In its academic programs, NLC honors higher learning that takes place both inside and outside the collegiate community.

Site Etiquette:

The NLC Community News page was created so union members can connect and engage with one another, and discuss topics and news related to their studies at the NLC. NLC is not responsible for the content of any comments posted. The presence of any post on the page should not be considered an endorsement by NLC, or its trustees and officers, of any of the views or opinions expressed within that post. NLC welcomes differing opinions – but not to the detriment or disturbance of the community and its individual members. All posts that are non-union related, advertising, contain profanity or are inappropriate, or promote anti-union organizations, will be deleted. If an individual continues to post inappropriate content, we will block that user from participating on the NLC Community News page.

We ask that all comments remain both relevant and respectful to our community as a whole. We thank you for that as well as all your passionate conversation about all things related to the NLC.

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